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Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium Sulfate, or epsom salt, is used as a bulking agent in products. It thickens and gels suspensions by electrostaticially charing particles so that they are more attracted to each other. This makes them stay on non-porous surfaces. It is also used in a wide variety of skin care products and formulations, including bath products, skin fresheners and cleansers, shampoos, suntan products, and makeup.

  • Skin Care Benefits:

    Magnesium sulfate can be used to exfoliate the skin and remmove impurities, blackheads, and dead skin flakes. It is also used to soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation.

  • Bulk Magnesium Sulfate Supplier:

    We are one of the leading suppliers of wholesale Magnesium Sulfate in the United States. If you’re looking to purchase Magnesium Sulfate in bulk, you’ve come to the right place. Please use the form on the right to request a quote.

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