CG-C PQ37 P (Polyquaternium 37 - Powder)

CG-C PQ37 P (Polyquaternium 37 - Powder)

CG-C PQ37 P is a ready-to-use powder form thickener. The polymer swells immediately in water, at room temperature, without any neutralization or addition of salt.
CG-C PQ37 P allows formulating skin care and hair care products. Formulations are smooth with a non-greasy and non-sticky after feel. Rub-in and spread ability of highly thick and compact creams are easier and more uniform.
CG-C PQ37 P provides a conditioning effect (a film that coats the hair fiber) due to its cationic nature. Can be formulated with other conditioning agents (Quats).

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    Polyquaternium 37

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