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Peppermint EO

Peppermint EO

Peppermint EO is derived from Mentha Piperita (peppermint) and is commonly used as a flavoring in food and as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetic products. Peppermint oil causes a cooling sensation when inhaled or applied to the skin. It is beneficial for headaches, muscle pain, nerve pain, and joint conditions. It is sometimes inhaled to treat cold symptoms. The oil also soothes dental inflammation and prevents bad breath, making it a popular toothpaste ingredient. This product is organic.


EO: Essential Oil

  • Components:

    Peppermint oil has two main components: menthol and menthone. These components cause a cooling sensation when peppermint oil is inhaled or applied to the skin. They are also used to treat gastrointestinal conditions when consumed.

  • INCI:

    Mentha Piperita Oil

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